Prescription Refills

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These Request are ONLY checked at the end of the day Monday Thru Friday. Please DONOT use this for Urgent/immediate request!

The best time to request refills is while you are at the doctor's office. Please check your prescriptions before coming for an appointment, or better yet, bring your medications with you! When you notice that you are low on medication and have no more refills, call your local pharmacy. They will initiate a refill request to our office; we can then very easily refill your prescription using e-prescribe or fax-back option.

Sometimes we will not honor the pharmacy's request for a refill. This means too much time has passed since your last appointment. Patients on certain chronic medication need to be evaluated periodically by the doctor. Therefore, we sometimes write prescriptions that will run out in three to six months as a reminder for the patient to make an appointment. If this is the case, please contact the office to schedule an appointment.

If this is an urgent request, meaning you are currently out of your medication or will be out in less than one week, please call the office to request this prescription. Otherwise, please fill in the information below. Please Note: Incomplete requests will NOT be processed.